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C56    Christmas in Washington, D.C [Текст]. — Chicago : World Book, 1998. — 80p. — (Christmas Around the World). — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 0-7166-0851-0


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"Christmas in Washington, D.C." is part of a series developed by World Book Inc. several decades ago for young people. These 80-page books have evolved into a rich storehouse of information for anyone of any age who enjoys learning the Christmas history, stories, regional Christmas songs, Christmas crafts, and holiday recipes where Christmas is celebrated around the world.

The opening pages of "Christmas in Washington, D.C." explain how the government does not officially celebrate religious holidays but, unofficially, it does. There is a national Christmas tree; there is a capitol Christmas tree; there is the White House decked out for the holidays; there is Christmas on the National Mall, a holiday celebration not quite like any other in the world.

The book features historic drawings and photographs of presidential Christmas celebrations -- President Grant greeting the King of Hawaii, the Franklin Roosevelt family in the East Room, the Hoover family lighting a Christmas tree, Nancy Reagan on a ladder while decorating a tree in the Blue Room, the Trumans having Christmas dinner in Blair House while the White was was being rebuilt, the Eisenhower family having dinner in the State Dining Room, and the Johnsons, with West German Chancellor Erhard, listening to carols on the South Portico of the White House.

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  • ББК // Етнографія США
  • ББК // Релігія. Містика. Вільнодумство
  • Виставки // Christmas is coming...
  • Калейдоскоп подій та дат // Winter Magical Time

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