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E54    The Encyclopedia of the Environment [Текст] / consult. S.R. Kellert; gen. editor M. Black. — New York; London : A Franklin Watts Library Edition, 1999. — 160p. — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 0-531-11709-X


- Анотація

The environment is a wide series of topics that covers:

– the Earth’s environments where life develops, air, water and soil,

– the conditions offered to life and in particular the climate, which are of great concern in this 21st century,

– the strong links between nature and life, the origin and erosion of biodiversity, ecosystems and their evolution,

– but also the interactions between man, nature and all living beings.

It is a subject that often makes the headlines, particularly with regard to fears raised by disasters, pollution or climate change and the burning obligation to protect the environment by promoting sustainable development. Our environment also remains an inexhaustible source of wonder and questioning that requires some familiarity with a foundation of scientific knowledge important for everyone to forge their opinion on the issues our society is facing.

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