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A58    The Animal Kingdom [Текст] / M. Atwater, P. Baptiste, L. Daniel and other. — New York : Macmillan & McGraw-Hill, 1993. — 124p. — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 0-02-274276-X


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Is the sponge really simple or is it complex? Animal with life support systems Which Animals will become guinea pigs- the animal kingdom consist of living things ranging from mosquitos nad coral to cougars.

There are millions of living organisms in this world. There are some which are even yet to be discovered. These living organisms that are known to man, very broadly include animals, plants, microorganisms etc. All of them show great diversity. Yet, there are some characteristics that are similar between groups of organisms and this is what binds them together.

Classification of animals helps us to understand their characteristics, as well as their differences with other organisms.

In scientific terminology, they are grouped under the Kingdom Animalia, better known as the Animal Kingdom. Let us learn more about this famous Kingdom!

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