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A58    Animal Diversity [Текст]. — New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 2002. — 217p. — (Glencoe Science). — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 0-07-825567-8


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Glencoe Science: Animal Diversity, a module in the Glencoe Science 15 book series, provides students with accurate and comprehensive coverage of middle school National Science Education Standards. Concepts are explained in a clear, concise manner, and are integrated with a wide range of hands-on experiences, critical thinking opportunities, real-world applications, and connections to other sciences and to non-science areas of the curriculum.

Co-authored by National Geographic, unparalleled graphics reinforce key concepts. A broad array of print and technology resources help differentiate and accommodate all learners.

The modular approach allows you to mix and match books to meet your specific curriculum needs.

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