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M70Miller, G. T.
    Environmental Science [Текст] : An Introduction / G. T. Miller. — Second Edition. — Belmont : Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1988. — 448p. — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 0-534-09066-4


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Tyler Miller delivers a text that equips and inspires you with the tools and knowledge to make a difference solving today's environmental issues.

Exclusive content highlights important work of National Geographic explorers and grantees and features vivid photos, maps and illustrations that bring course concepts to life. Using sustainability as their central theme, the authors emphasize natural capital, natural capital degradation, solutions, trade-offs and the importance of individuals.

In return, you learn how nature works, how you interact with it and how humanity can continue to sustain its relationship with the earth by applying nature's lessons to economies and individual lifestyles.

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