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V99Vygovskyy, O. I
    International Financial Law [Текст] : textbook / O. I Vygovskyy. — Кyiv : The University of Kyiv, 2017. — 511 p. — Англ. мовою.
ISBN 966-439-880-7


- Анотація

Oleksandr Vygovskyy’s book “International Financial Law” is the first fundamental academic publication on international financial law in English published within the post-Soviet region.

Based on extensive practical material, it provides an in-depth analysis of the most significant legal aspects related to the key international financial market transactions.

The author primarily focused on international capital-raising practices, such as syndicated loan transactions, Eurobonds issue and circulation, cross-border securities offerings, international project financing and international assets securitisation.

Special attention is also paid to the regulation of financial markets, the implementation of supervisory requirements by financial institutions, as well as the policies of financial regulation, having due regard to the legal rules applicable in Ukraine.

The book is structured in a way to provide the lawyer with all essential details of the key international financial transactions, including the relevant case studies and an adequate understanding of the modern financial world realities.

This edition is prepared in full compliance with the best European university teaching standards of legal disciplines.

It summarizes the many years of experience of the author’s research, academic and practical activities in the field of financial law.

It will serve as a helpful source of information for everyone who is interested in the legal aspects of international finance.

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